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This unique floor lamp made out of natural wood and it is one of a kind.  This very special piece is one of our Natural-Line lighting Collection. As nature doesn't repeat itself, neither do we. Each piece is unique.
The lamp is handmade with the highest quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship by Studio Regev Design.


• Handcrafted by hand, every lamp is unique
• Wood treated and finished professionally with the best Acrylic lacquer 
• the base made of metal and fitted with felt to prevent scratches on the floor
• European plug with US adapter
• light bulb not included

Technical Spec:
Height: 75 in / 190 cm
Shade: Polycarbonate
Base: Corian
Body: Natural wood. Treated and clear lacquer coated
Cable: 78 in  / 200 cm
Bulb Socket: E26 / E27
Bulb: Max. Led *the lamp sold without a light bulb
Operating Voltage:  110  /  220V ~ 50Hz


  • "Natural-line"   designed in concert with nature



    Project Natural-Line is about designing together with nature.  Nature always been much inspiration for designers.  In this project nature is the inspiration and it is the piece itself.


    The Natural-Line lighting collection embraces nature’s beauty.  As nature does not repeat itself, neither do we.  Each piece is unique, none will be exactly the same, just the way nature intended it.


    I start by going out to the forest where I collect selective dry limbs.  I choose carefully each piece and never use green live trees.


    I bring the harvest to the workshop where each piece is being inspected, treated and cleaned.


    The challenges of working with the natural wood are many.  Special hand tools were prepared in order to adapt to the varying natural curves and the lamps are all handmade.


                   Choice of wood:    I use Eucalyptus wood in spite of its bad name in the furniture industry.  The claims are that Eucalyptus wood tends to crack and bend.  I tested and discover that since we don’t process the wood, instead, working with its basic natural shape this reputation will not be an issue at all.

    Other materials:    I choose scraps and leftover materials for this unique "green" project.  The Corian base is leftover from kitchens counter top installations.  The Polycarbonate shade is leftover material from a signage manufacturer.

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