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The Desert-Glow Floor Light was designed with the inspiration of the Negev desert and the Bedouin culture in mind.
Throughout the design process of this unique lamp, I kept in mind the Sustainable Design Theory and tried to eliminate negative environmental impact through skillful, sensitive design.

Materials: Natural wood and Wooven rug
Using the wooven rug as the base part of the lamp allows the body of the lamp to slightly tip.
The rug base field with sand provides the needed weight to keep the lamp from tipping over and at the same time allows the movement of the upper part of the body. Moreover, the sand contained in plastic bags and it could be easily removed and then refiled by our clients in order to save on shipping costs.
The natural wood is being collected at the local eucalyptus forests around us. We use the dry limbs which fell on the ground. The wood is then treated, cleaned and finished in our workshop.

The shade made of Aluminum and could be ordered in few different colors.


Hight:  68.5 in / 174 cm 

Bulb: E26 / E27


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